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19 Comments on "Tellus Adipiscing Nibh Mattis Ligula"

  1. Hibru
    19 November 2018Reply

    Wah!!! Good wishes and All the best.

  2. Bimal Ramani
    19 November 2018Reply

    GooD WisheS & AlL ThE BesT..!!

  3. Sandhya Nair
    19 November 2018Reply

    All the best.

  4. Jitesh Sheth
    19 November 2018Reply

    Ulpa is a wonderful artist with a humble and humane soul, which makes her art more lovely and brings smiles and joy for all and one who have seen her performance. Have a lovely life ahead dear ulpa. God bless forever

  5. Pragnesh
    19 November 2018Reply

    GOoD wishes and all the best....💃💃

  6. Milind Patel
    19 November 2018Reply

    Congratulations on launching such a beautiful website which documents just tip of iceberg of Ulpaji’s passion, accomplishments, and contributions. Wish her all the best for spreading Indian culture through dance all around the globe.

  7. Kashyap Vaidya
    19 November 2018Reply

    You are extremely talented and hardworking. Wish you all the very best of luck for future endeavours.

  8. UMANG
    19 November 2018Reply

    Her full life is dedicated to DANCE only, Great teacher and a wonderful human being, Wish you all the BEST, May your all your dreams come true.

  9. Siddharth Bhavsar
    19 November 2018Reply

    Amazing teacher. Lots of thing to learn.. best wishes from your Student.. :)

  10. Neerja Bhatt
    19 November 2018Reply

    All the best Ulpamam for future...You are role model for everyone in field of dance

  11. Darshan thakkar
    19 November 2018Reply

    Congratulations Ulpa!! India has seen your talents now USA is waiting for you!! Welcomt o usa

  12. R!k!ta
    20 November 2018Reply

    Congratulations..!! & all the best for new journey

  13. Upendra Mehta
    20 November 2018Reply

    Yes,America is eagerly waiting for the cheerful performance to make the people crazy to watch yr program again and again.Wishing u all the best and blessings. Bharti-Upendra.

  14. MK (Mehulkumar) Shah
    20 November 2018Reply

    Hi Ulpa, Very thoughtful and detail web page design. Very inspiring .... Impressed ! - MK

  15. Nilima
    29 November 2018Reply

    Dear Ulpa, your website is as beautiful as you are. This website truely represents what you stand for.. your talent, your passion, your achievements and above all your journey of long years. Wish you all the very best for a glorious future.

  16. Madhu Butala
    03 June 2019Reply

    Impressed Wish you same response and achievements in USA. It will uplift status of indian culture among comparative international performances.

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